Forklift impalement

One of the key dark comedy moments in the short film comes from an accident befalling the OSHA inspector, actor Kevin Burke, resulting him being awkwardly impaled on a forklift. Pulling this scene off took the combined efforts of several departments on the set: Makeup, Wardrobe, and Special Effects.

Award-winning makeup artist Francia Cohen set to work outfitting the actor with a latex appliance and getting him sufficiently bloodied up and into wardrobe with Peter Herman and Garrett Bazzle.



While the makeup was being set, 1st AD/Special Effects Supervisor Robin Martin coordinated with camera and lighting to get the scene prepared and how to best place the actor on the forklift (without injury). Throw in some great lighting and smoke to set the mood, and the scene was ready.


When it came time to shoot the scene, it was all hands on-deck to get the footage of the actor dying and then pull everything out of the shot to get the “clean plate” for the VFX editing in post-production.





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