“U PACK IT” Short Film

About the Film

“U PACK IT” was made for the 2014 San Diego 48 Hour Film Project by a veteran cast and crew. Under the leadership of Preposterous Films and Cinemock Productions, and with the help of Bad Cat Films and Minor Films, the team came together not just to finish a film in a weekend, but to make something great.

With the randomly assigned genre of “Dark Comedy” and the required prop (marshmallow), character (John/Joyce Jansen, Investigator), and line of dialog (“I saw one of those yesterday.”) in hand the team went to work and immediately knew they had something special on their hands.

Take a look at how some of the scenes and promotional materials came together:

At the end of the competition, the film was selected for the “Best Of” screening and won for Best Makeup and Best Use of the Line. The film has since been selected for the following film festivals:

  • Temecula Valley Film Festival
  • San Diego Film Festival
  • San Diego Fall Film Festival

Meet the Cast and Crew of “U PACK IT”

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